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Why Refinance?


One thing that may be on your mind when rates are low is whether it’s time to refinance your home. Eligible borrowers may have many different reasons to refinance a mortgage, but the end result should benefit the homeowner in some way. Perhaps our FHA loan refinance checklist can help.

Possible Reasons to Refinance Checklist

  • The current market rate is lower than what I have now.
  • I need a lower monthly payment.
  • I’m not building equity fast enough, and I think I can afford a 15-year loan.
  • I have a project that requires some cash.
  • My ARM rates are rising in a few weeks! I need a fixed rate now.

Different refinance mortgages are available to qualified individuals for almost every reason under the sun. Visit our page on FHA Refinance to brush up on what options are available.

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