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VA Refinance


Use Our Handy VA Refinance Checklist

Maybe you already have a VA loan, and maybe you don’t. But, we know VA-eligible borrowers have all sorts of reasons to refinance a mortgage. Perhaps our VA refinance checklist can help.

Why refinance your VA loan? Check one or more of these and you may have the answer:

  • My interest rate is higher than what I think the going rate is today.
  • I think my payments could be lower.
  • I want to build some equity, and I think I can afford a 15-year loan.
  • I have some equity and could sure use some cash.
  • I hate paying monthly mortgage insurance premiums.
  • I already have a VA loan and I’ve heard Streamline is the way to go.
  • My ARM hurts! And, my rates are rising! I want a fixed rate.

Refinancing a loan, depending upon availability and qualifications, may help you meet one of these goals.

Types of VA Loan Refinance

Of course, borrowers have different reasons for needing a VA loan refinance. This is why there are several kinds of refinance mortgages available for your specific needs. We have rate and term, cash out and streamline to suit different refinance needs. Visit our page on VA Refinance.

Once you’ve decided your needs, one of our seasoned loan professionals can help you understand how to refinance your home and start your application.

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