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What’s Ahead For Mortgage Rates This Week – Sept 15, 2014

[metaslider id=433]Last week’s housing related economic reports were slim, but an unexpected increase in weekly jobless claims gained attention. Analysts calmed concerns by noting that last week’s reading of 315,000 new jobless claims was not far removed from jobless claim levels before the recession. Expectations for last week’s reading were for 301,000 new jobless claims based on the previous week’s original reading of 302,000. The previous week’s reading was revised to 304,000 new jobless claims. Jobless Claims: 4-Week Average for Continuing Claims Hits Lowest Level Since 2007 Prospective home buyers and current homeowners typically consider their jobs and employment prospects before… Read More

Homeowner Tax Breaks

Homeowner Tax Breaks Tax season is here. What can homeowners deduct from their filings? While it’s always best to consult with a tax professional, we have a list of the benefits some reap just for owning a home. Note that these are for a primary residence, as the IRS only allows you to declare one main home – AKA where you spend most of your time. Always: Real Estate Taxes Mortgage Interest Business Expense (Do you work out of your home?) Rental Income (Do you rent out a room or two?) Sometimes: Pre-payment Penalties Mortgage Insurance Premiums Mortgage Points Late… Read More

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