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About Us

About American Pacific Mortgage Co., Inc.

Chief Executive Officer, Kurt Reisig

As the founder of American Pacific Mortgage, one of the largest independent retail lending companies in the country, we are extremely pleased with the way that our team has succeeded in a drastically altered lending environment. Having successfully navigated stormy times in our industry and economy, American Pacific Mortgage has become the company of choice for entrepreneurial mortgage originators who recognize that adaptability and tenacity are central to remaining successful in today’s industry. At American Pacific Mortgage we have proven that a company can execute impeccably and retain its appreciation for the producers who fuel the industry. We are committed to helping you succeed American Pacific Mortgage is a company that constantly surveys the industry and the economic environment in preparation for the changes and opportunities we see on the horizon. We believe that this commitment to foresight and preparedness is the most important responsibility that we provide to our employees, industry partners, and communities. Collaborating with our employees and industry partners is a core characteristic of our culture; it allows us to constantly measure and improve our service. We believe in honesty and transparency in all of our relationships, with our consumers, our industry partners and especially with our employees. We’re more than a mortgage lender At American Pacific Mortgage, it’s our duty to serve our employees and our communities by bringing tools and resources to our originators while delivering quality loans to our investors. As a mortgage lender, our company and our originators have the ability to fund loans with excellent pricing and service. Our commitment to serve the borrower requires that we also maintain robust wholesale lending relationships, assuring our originators the availability of those products that we need to serve our customers needs. Our successful history, culture, and our commitment to the success of our employees are our calling cards; when you ask our branch managers why they joined and why they remain with American Pacific Mortgage, these are the things you hear the most. We look forward to serving you.


Our Passion For What We Do Transfers Into Our Services


On Responsibility

Serving clients throughout the western United States we specialize in residential loans for single family homes, condos and 1- 4 unit properties that are owner-occupied, investment properties and second homes.  Our responsibility is to fund loans On Time, Accurately, with Plenty of Communication. We need to give the best advice that we can and to set proper expectations to create not just happy customers but RAVING FANS!

On American Pacific

“I love the support and systems that we offer that make the process smooth and efficient for a consumer obtaining a loan. With this support, we can create a WOW experience for a consumer. When you have accountability from top to bottom we are able to set expectations for our customers and deliver on a consistent basis”  –  Mike West

Team Leader Mike West has been a top producing loan officer for over 24 years and is an expert in VA, FHA, Conventional, and Jumbo loans and is a mentor, trainer, and speaker in the mortgage industry.

On helping customers to be successful

“To serve is to lead. Buyers and sellers have questions that need to be answered, it is my job to give them the guidance and information they need so they can make great decisions for themselves and their families, when we do this we have served them well”

On who inspires us

“My wife and children inspire me to be the BEST that I can be, and to give them the life they deserve. I believe that I inspire them as well, by setting a great example of how hard work, integrity, and preparation will produce great results for them and everyone they touch.”  – Mike West

Our greatest challenge

“Our only constant is change, we strive to be ahead of the curve by constantly innovating and finding new ways to bring value to our customers, Realtors’ and professional partners. By constantly implementing ways to educate consumers and partners in ways they can easily understand and use to their advantage we can truly provide value.”

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